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Fibonacci spiral pendant necklace - sterling silver

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Hand crafted from sterling silver. This Fibonacci or Golden spiral pendant necklace is designed by Alan Myerson in Australia and ethically made by skilled artisans in Northern Thailand. 

Fibonacci spiral approximates the golden spiral using quarter-circle arcs inscribed in squares derived from the Fibonacci sequence.

Approximate diameter of pendant: 24 mm

Approximate length of silver chain: 40 cm - 45 cm (adjustable)

Approximate logarithmic spirals can occur in nature, for example the arms of spiral galaxies - golden spirals are one special case of these logarithmic spirals, although there is no evidence that there is any general tendency towards this case appearing. Phyllotaxis is connected with the golden ratio because it involves successive leaves or petals being separated by the golden angle; it also results in the emergence of spirals, although again none of them are (necessarily) golden spirals. It is sometimes stated that spiral galaxies and nautilus shells get wider in the pattern of a golden spiral, and hence are related to both φ and the Fibonacci series. In truth, spiral galaxies and nautilus shells (and many mollusk shells) exhibit logarithmic spiral growth, but at a variety of angles usually distinctly different from that of the golden spiral. This pattern allows the organism to grow without changing shape.[

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