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Do you make your products in Australia?

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We design our products here on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia and we do make some of our pieces here as well. However, most of our collection is made by people we know personally in Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand & Indonesia. Each piece is handled by us personally and some items we apply finishing touches to here in Australia. All our orders are dispatched from us here directly to you after we personally check each item’s quality and carefully pack them for you.


What is your jewellery made of?

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We use different materials for our jewellery, but the vast majority is made from sterling silver. Sterling silver .925, is made from 92.5% pure silver with a 7.5% alloy mix to provide luster and strength. Our gold and rose-gold jewellery is made from sterling silver with a 22Kt gold coated finish. We also use copper, brass and bronze in some of our pieces. All our jewellery items will state what they are made of on our website. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Where is your jewellery made?

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Our jewellery is made by small artisan, cottage industry family business that we know personally. We have jewellery makers that we work with in Mexico and Thailand.

Silver Jewellery for Women

What is my ring size?

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You can use our ring size chart (found on all our ring product pages) to work out your ring size. Otherwise, you could visit your local jeweller to get your ring finger measured. If you need help converting a ring size from a different measurement system please feel free to contact us for some help.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Panama hats

What are your hats made of? 

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Our hats are hand woven from the South American toquilla palm plant.

Where are your hats made?

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Our hats are made in Ecuador. This is where Panama Hats originated and continues to be a traditional craft.

What is my hat size?

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It’s easy to measure the circumference of your head with a piece of string. Just measure your head above your ear, or where you would like to wear your hat. If you are in between our sizes, we recommend going up a size. For example, if your head measures 59 cm we recommend you order a size 60. If a hat fits a little large that is not a problem, there are many ways to make it fit smaller (we can help you with that, just contact us). However, if a hat fits too small it will be uncomfortable to wear.

Leather Accessories

What leather do you use?

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We use a range of full grain, quality leathers that we source from various suppliers in Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Japan. 

Where are your leather accessories made?

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Currently our leather accessories are made in Java, Indonesia. In the past we have produced our leather accessories in Australia, Thailand and India. We are busy looking into getting our leather accessories made in Tasmania, Australia now.


What is your knitwear made of?

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We use pure Alpaca yarn for our knitwear.

Where is your knitwear made? 

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Our knitwear is hand made in Peru.


Does shipping cost?

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We provide free shipping for all orders (over the value of $50) to be delivered to you in Australia. For orders under the value of $50 we have a $10 shipping fee. For International deliveries we charge a flat freight fee of $50. 

How long does delivery take?

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We dispatch your order from Blairgowrie in Victoria, Australia within 1 or 2 business days. We use registered Australia Post as our standard delivery service. Please visit the Australia Post website here to see how long your delivery will take. If you would like to upgrade your delivery to Express Post, please select the $10 Flat Rate fee on our Shipping Page when checking out. We shall then use Australia Post’s Express Post service to expedite your delivery.

Can I track my order?

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 Yes. As soon as your order is dispatched, we shall send you an email with your tracking link. You can follow the progress of your order via this link. 


Can I return my order?

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Yes, you can return your order for a credit note, that can be used to exchange for another size or product. We do not offer refunds. 

How do I return my order? 

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Please notify us by email within 14 days of receiving your order. We shall then respond with our return’s instructions.

What are your return’s instructions?

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We ask that you post your return to us in the perfect condition you received it in with all tags attached and using the box you received it in (or comparable box) so that we receive it in perfect condition. We can then issue you your credit note for the full value of your purchase.

Do you charge for shipping the replacement when I redeem my credit note?

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Yes, we shall email you an invoice for the shipping fee when you use your credit note to purchase your replacement. The shipping fee will be the Australia Post registered post service + packing materials. Once this invoice is paid, we shall dispatch your replacement and email you the tracking details.



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Once you receive your order and it leaves our care, it is up to you to take responsibility for its future care. Your product has taken lots of effort by us and our makers to create and get to you. Jewellery, hats, leather accessories and knitwear are all delicate and need to be cared for accordingly.

Jewellery Cleaning

How do I clean my silver jewellery? 

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There are many ways to clean silver jewellery. Generally, a silver cleaning cloth or silver cleaning liquid will do a great job. If your piece has a textured finish there could be another method, please feel free to contact us for more info.

Will my silver jewellery tarnish? 

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Yes, silver jewellery can tarnish. It can always be cleaned with the correct product.

Can I damage my jewellery when cleaning it?

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Yes, jewellery is delicate, so be careful where you place pressure when cleaning. There are weak points where pieces are soldered and joined, be sure to not place too much pressure on those points.

How do I clean copper, bronze and brass jewellery?

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 Brasso is a great product for cleaning jewellery pieces made from copper, brass and bronze. Brasso can be sourced at most supermarkets.

Does concentrated lemon juice work to clean jewellery? 

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Yes, concentrated lemon juice (sourced at any supermarket) is a great product for cleaning jewellery. Just pour into a container and soak your tarnished items, then rinse under water and dry with a clean and soft cloth. Do not use lemon juice on jewellery with gold plating or pieces that have natural stones.

Can I clean gold-plated jewellery? 

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Yes, you can very gently clean gold-plated jewellery, but you must be very careful and gentle to not damage the plated surface. We recommend using a quality jewellery cleaning cloth.

Will my gold-plated jewellery wear with time?

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 Yes, the plating will wear with time and the silver underneath will start to show. We recommend embracing this natural ageing process that can look amazing.

Can I restore my gold-plated jewellery?

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 Yes, just take your treasured piece to your local jeweller and they’ll be able to re-plate it for you.


Hat Care

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How do I clean my hat? Use a damp sponge to lightly clean any marks off your hat. “Less is more”, so just lightly clean your hat with a clean damp sponge and if needed repeat.

How should I handle my hat? Never pinch the crown of your hat, always handle by the brim.

Can I fold or roll my hat? We do not recommend folding or rolling your hat. It is hand woven from natural palm fiber and repetitive folding or rolling will eventually break the fiber.

How do I travel with my hat? We recommend packing your hat in your luggage by placing soft garments (underwear and socks) inside your hat and then packing around it with soft clothing too. You could also wear your hat onto the plane and then once everyone is seated you can safely stow your hat away above your carry-on bag in the overhead compartment.

If my dog sits on my hat and bends it out of shape, what can I do? If your hat needs to be reshaped, just apply a little steam (from the kettle or steam iron) and then lightly press your hat back into shape with an iron. Place a clean and soft cotton fabric between the hat and the iron. With this process, “less is more” so apply a little steam and a little iron and then repeat as necessary. Be careful when steaming, not to burn yourself.

If my hat gets wet in the rain or falls in the pool or ocean, what do I do? Reshape your hat as best as you can and then just         place your hat on a flat surface to dry. Once dried, just apply a little steam (from the kettle or steam iron) and then lightly press your hat back into shape with an iron. Place a clean and soft cotton fabric between the hat and the iron. With this process, “less is more” so apply a little steam and a little iron and then repeat as necessary. Be careful when steaming, not to burn yourself.

If the crown of my hat develops a crack, what can I do? After much wear and tear the crown is the place where your hat may falter and crack. If a crack develops you can apply a triangle shaped piece of Physio tape inside the crown to reinforce it and prevent your hat from further cracking. Physio tape can be sourced at your local pharmacy. It comes on a roll and can be cut into a triangle shape to fit the inside of the crown. It’s a great solution as it reinforces your hat, but is lightweight and breathes and does not show when you are wearing your hat.

Can I leave my hat in a hot car? We do not recommend leaving your hat in a hot car. The intense heat can bake and shrink your hat. 

Will my hat colour fade? Yes, with time in the sun your hat will fade. Your hat is made from natural palm fiber and therefore the sun will affect the colour. This is a natural process and shows that your hat is protecting you from the harmful UV rays. We love the natural character embodied by this natural fading process.

How do I keep my hat in perfect condition forever? Your hat will wear according to how you treat it. You can try to handle it correctly (by the brim and not the crown), don’t get it too wet too regularly, don’t let your dog sit on it, don’t let it blow off your head in a gust of wind, don’t spill anything on it, etc.… Often life however will get in the way and your hat will probably not stay in perfect condition forever. However, with a little care, your hat should serve you well for years to come. Ultimately we recommend accepting that your hat will show evidence of a life lived as time passes, we encourage you to own these consequences and embrace the character that you hat develops with age. The best hats we see are our customers that have had their hats for years. They develop amazing character and truly become their own, unique hats.

Leather Accessories

Leather Care

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Leather is a remarkably durable material, and sometimes just letting the leather absorb the stain is the best option—although it may take weeks or even months. Ultimately, we advise acceptance of the ageing process and embracing the natural patina that develops on your leather pieces reflecting a life lived and a unique piece full of character that is truly yours.

How do I clean my leather? Finished leather (aka treated leather) is covered in a protective coating, while suede and unfinished leather (aka untreated leather) are not. A little bit of saddle soap is fine to use on a finished leather couch, but even mild soap can be too harsh for the most sensitive leathers. If you're not sure how your leather will react to cleaning, test your cleaning agent in an inconspicuous area.

Can I use a DIY cleaning solution? When it comes to leather, you're better off using either water or cleaning products specifically designed for leather. Popular home remedies like baking soda, white vinegar, cream of tartar, and lemon juice can be harsh on delicate leathers and make the problem even worse.

How do I treat a stain? The best way to deal with liquid stains is to treat them right away by blotting with a soft cloth to remove as much of the moisture as possible. Then, dab the area with a soft, damp cloth (use warm water—no soap). You can also dampen a cloth with leather cleaner—but if you're using a product that comes in a spray bottle, spray it onto the cloth first rather than directly onto the surface of the leather. Don't rub, or you could leave a water stain. Blot again with a dry cloth.

What do I do if my leather piece seems dry? You can apply moisturizer to your leather item. After cleaning the leather with water or leather cleaner, use a leather conditioner to restore moisture. Gently rub the leather conditioner into your leather with a circular motion using a brush, sponge, or microfiber cloth.

Can I do anything if gentle spot cleaning does not work? Grease stains, ink stains, and makeup stains that don't come clean after gentle spot-cleaning may need to be professionally cleaned.

Is there anything I can do to protect my leather? Protect your leather items by regularly wiping away dirt and grime. You can also moisturize your leather by applying a leather conditioner. Gently rub the leather conditioner into your leather with a circular motion using a brush, sponge, or microfiber cloth.

How should I store my leather piece? Keep your leather goods in a dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent mildew and discoloration. To help leather bags keep their shape, stuff them with a clean towel and store them in a dust bag. 



Knitwear Care

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How do I wash my alpaca knitwear? Wash by hand in cold water

What detergent should I use? Use a wool detergent and consider earth-friendly, phosphorous free detergent.

How do I dry my knitwear? Gently roll-up your washed and wet knit in a clean towel to draw out excess water, then dry on a clean flat towel.

How do I remove the pilling? Remove pilling by had or with a pilling comb.

How do I store my knitwear? Store your knitwear folded to keep its shape. To prolong garment life, refresh by airing.

Can I machine wash my garment? No       

Can I dry in direct sunlight? No

Can I wash in warm or hot water? No

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