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Caring For Your Alpaca Product

Hand knitted alpaca knitwear is an essential part of the Alan Myerson collection. Knitted by hand in the mountains of Peru, these stunning scarves, gloves and hats are made from premium grade Alpaca yarn, grown high in the Andes at more than 3500m above sea level. The general rule of thumb with Alpaca is that the higher the altitude the softer the yarn. The pieces designed are light-weight, however luxuriously warm due to the natural qualities of the lustrous, silky Alpaca fibre.


Caring For Your Alpaca Product

Hand-washing is the gentlest method of cleaning an Alpaca garment, and will add years to the life of your Alpaca clothing.

To preserve and extend the life of your Alpaca accessory, handwash gently in warm water with a wool-specific laundry liquid, or a mild shampoo and use warm water to rinse thoroughly.

Alpaca yarn is very delicate and special care must be taken when wet. Gently press excess water from your Alpaca accessory using a towel, and never wring or twist as this will stretch your accessory out of shape. Lay your Alpaca accessory out flat on a dry towel and leave to thoroughly air dry. Once completely dry, store your Alpaca accessory laying flat.

Follow these simple steps and your Alpaca purchase will give you years of luxurious comfort and wear.

If stains persist:

In the event of stubborn stains, dry cleaning may be the only solution. We do not recommend machine washing, however should you decide to use your washing machine, secure the garment in a tied pillowcase or garment bag and set on gentle cycle; cool water. Dry as above.



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