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Spring is in the air, Panama Hats available

Spring is in the air, Panama Hats available

 Buenos días!

Spring is in the air, the days are getting longer and warmer, the plants are growing, the flowers are blossoming, the bees are buzzing. We're all enjoying spending more time outdoors. 

Whether it's walking the dog, pushing the pram, riding a horse, playing golf, visiting a farmers market, pottering in the garden, searching for the elusive Alaskan tern, or just enjoying a cold beverage on a sunny afternoon at your local, you'll need protection from those UV rays.

There is no more stylish and comfortable way than with a Panama Hat

We are proud purveyors of The Montecristi Hat Company's authentic and original Panama Hats.

Our Panama hats are hand woven by skilled artisans in Ecuador as they have been for generations.Made from natural palm fiber, they are light-weight to wear and breathe, so you're always comfortable and cool.

We have a range of styles, colours and sizes. Something to suit everyone.

 Hasta Luego

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